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Perfect fit and Venetian Blinds

There are numerous options with perfect fit and venetian blinds

With perfect fit and venetian blinds, there are numerous options that will most definitely fit your taste, and with Pleated, Alumitex, Wood or Faux Wood options there are endless possibilities with perfect fit and venetian blinds. With venetian blinds there you have the option of metal or wood, with the wood ranging in different styles as well as the option for Faux wood (false wood), which is just as great as the other types of venetian blinds. Perfect fit blinds are venetian blinds in a PVC frame, ensuring that it fits your window exactly, with the option of different designs and colours, you can make sure that your perfect blinds are suitable for your bay window.

Venetian blinds are a great accessory for your bay window. They provide great control and regulation of sunlight and heat, as well as adding a classy look to your bay window. Materials such as Alumitex provide great protection from the sun due to the reflective metal materials we have available. Moreover there are a range of subdued colours and brought colours to accommodate your bay window. Looking for a more classier and vintage look? Not a problem with our range of wooden venetian blinds we have on offer. With a range of sizes of 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm, there is the right size for everyone. Additionally, the option of Faux Wood blinds really boosts the amount of possibilities you can have. Faux Wood is a great material that is very high standard and much easier to clean than regular woods, whilst maintaining that classy look of real wood, making your bay window much more classier and stylish.

Conversely, if you're looking for a blind that perfectly fits your bay window with no excess and keeping all the amazing features of a venetian, then look no more! Perfect fit blinds are venetian blinds (wood or metal) but in a PVC frame that slots perfectly into your bay window. They look amazing on a bay window and they give a distinguished and dazzling look. Perfect for a nice minimalist look on your bay window, whilst keeping all the features of a regular venetian blind.

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