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Bedroom Blinds

Transform your bedroom with beautiful blinds? Which are the best

Transform your bedroom with beautiful blinds
Literally a daily question we get asked by our customers is, 'What are the best blinds for bedrooms?'. We hope that this blog posts answers your questions and gives you the information you need to make the best choice for your bedroom.

When it comes to dressing your home, practicality plays just as much of a role as style. After all, having the most beautiful room in the world won't add up to much if it can't be used for the desired purpose. There's no denying that this is more important in certain rooms than others. For example, bedroom blinds play a vital role in the quality and health of our sleep. Therefore they impact the livelihood of everyone in your family. And, when it comes to finding the right blinds for your bedroom, it helps to understand all the options out there. You also need to know exactly what you're looking to achieve. In today's blog, we'll be talking about the different types of bedroom blinds and which ones help contribute to the best night's sleep.

How do blinds impact your sleep?
As we have mentioned before, light has a dramatic impact on your sleep quality. Throughout history, we have long relied on the rising and setting of the sun to dictate the length of our days. Our internal body clock historically synced with changing light throughout the day to tell us when it's time to wake up and when we need to wind down for the night. In our modern world where screens dictate everything, this has been thrown and it's not uncommon for people to struggle with getting the perfect night's sleep.

There are simple changes we can all adopt to help improve this, the most notable being investing in the right type of window blind. When you find a style that effectively helps you to create a darker environment before bed, you are able to retrain your body to fall into a restorative state easier. This is particularly important for younger child and specifically for newborns or babies who are just learning the difference between night and day.

What window blind styles are best suited to bedrooms?
In short, the right blinds for your bedroom will be a style that blocks out as much light as possible. One of the most important things to remember is that most styles of blinds will still allow a small degree of light to escape around the sides of the fabric. This is largely unavoidable, apart from with skylight blinds, but we will come to this later. The best thing you can do in your bedroom is find a style of window blind that blocks out the most light while working stylistically within your home.

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