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Example 1
80.0 cm (w)
90.0 cm (h)


Example 2
100.0 cm (w)
100.0 cm (h)


Example 3
120.0 cm (w)
120.0 cm (h)

Example 4
200.0 cm (w)
200.0 cm (h)

Clover SS 35mm Slat Real Wood Blind

Stylish and sophisticated, Crisp and confident, the wooden venetian adds an intense gravity to any room, drawing a visitors eyes to it and demanding their respect. Ideal for almost any space that needs a dominating statement blind.

Blind Type Wooden Blind
Colour Black
Slat Size 50mm
Great For Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Office
Opacity Dimout
Material Real Wood
Properties Easy Wipe, Privacy, Taped
Window type Bay Window
Tape Size 25mm
Product Imagery
Product images are for illustration purposes only. While we endeavor to provide the best representation possible, we always ask that you request a free sample before your purchase which will be sent out the same or next day, by 1st class post.

Fixings & Controls
The blinds are easily fitted using multi-directional brackets which can be face fixed to the face of the window or wall, into the side of the recess or fixed into the top of the window recess. All necessary brackets are included but we don't supply screws or wall plugs with these blinds as we don't know what you'll be installing into.

Manufacturing Tolerance & Weight
Please note that made to measure blinds are made within a 4mm manufacturer tolerance on both the width and drop of the blind. Blinds over 200cm wide will be heavy due to the weight of the slats. We strongly suggest where possible to split larger windows into smaller blinds.

Made to Measure Blinds
A product that requires the exact width to be typed in the box is 'Made-to-Measure' and cannot be returned under our normal terms and conditions.

All blinds are supplied with a matching valance to cover the headrail and brackets. If you select a recess size blind, the valance will be made to the same size as the blind is ordered. If you are ordering the blind as an 'exact' size, typically chosen when installing the blind outside of the recess, the valance will be made wider, with a return on each end to cover the end brackets on the blind. For more information, please click here.

Product Information
Our Real Wood blinds are made from Basswood and are stained or lacquered to give the finish shown in the images. As this is a natural wood product, there may be variations in grains and shades. These slats have been kiln-dried for stability and to prevent warping, however, are not suitable for damp environments. All come with colour co-ordinated toggles on the raise and lower controls.

Please Note
This blind type is not suitable for conservatories due to the high temperatures they can reach in the summer months which can result in the slats warping.


The Blindz Store Ltd

Measuring guide

Please Note:
• All measurements should be provided in cm.
• All our blinds are made with a 0.5cm manufacturing tolerance (width & drop).
• Always use a metal tape measure when taking the measurements.

Recess or Exact Size?

Recess Size
This is the measurement you need to make if the blind needs to fit inside the window recess.
Measure the width and the drop in three different positions ensuring you provide us with the smallest measurement.
We will make any necessary deductions to ensure the blind fits neatly within the recess of the window.

Width measure
Drop measure

Exact Size
An exact size blind is also known as ‘pin width’ or ‘finished blind width’. This is the measurement you need to make if the blind needs to hang outside the recess overlapping the window.
Decide how much you wish to overlap the recess at each side, we recommend at least 7.5cm at each side as well as the top and bottom so as to minimise as much external light as possible.
Measure the width and the drop in three different positions ensuring you provide us with the smallest measurement. We will not make any deductions from the measurements provided.

Width measure
Drop measure

Top tip for blackout blinds
Our fabric experts recommend when ordering a blackout blind, you fit this outside the window recess using the ‘exact’ blind measurement thus ensuring as much external light as possible is blocked out.

Top tip for vertical blinds
The headrail is included in the drop of the blind therefore the louvres will be shorter than the drop.

  Fitting guide will be displayed here.

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