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In two minds about your bathroom blinds… don’t worry we’ve got you

When deciding on which types of blinds are best suited to the windows of your bathroom, the first thing you may need to consider is the likelihood of the blinds getting wet or being subjected to a significant amount of moisture or humidity on a regular basis.

If this is the case, then the most suitable choices are some vinyl or PVC waterproof roller blinds which are perfect if you like a nice clean look at the bathroom window, or some waterproof vertical blinds if you require slightly more light control during the daytime. The great thing about both these types of blinds is the fact they will not only be waterproof but also blackout and mould resistant, making them a very versatile solution.

Both of these types of bathroom blinds are not just extremely practical, but with latest styles of PVC and vinyl fabrics designs available, they are stylish as well. With a selection of timeless hues such as cream, beige, brown and white for a soothing look at the window, through to some colourful hues of vibrant blue, pink and yellow, as well as some wonderfully contemporary patterned designs, there is a design to suit all bathrooms.

Another option for very humid and misty bathrooms is aluminium Venetian blinds. Keep in mind though that they have to be made fully of aluminium and with high grade plastic components for raising, tilting and lowering the blind if they are going to get wet regularly, if any of the component’s within the workings of the blind are steel then there is a good chance they will rust over time. They do offer the option of both a classic and modern look depending on the choice of colour and finish and they are perfect for controlling light and privacy at the bathroom window.


If you prefer the look of wood in the bathroom, there is a new range of faux wood venetian blinds that are constructed from PVC giving you the natural beauty of wood with all the practicality of PVC. They look very authentic and come in a beautiful range of soothing wood colours that are fairly neutral allowing you to introduce them into practically any colour scheme. They are also UV resistant which means they won’t fade in the direct sunlight and also fire resistant, giving you complete peace of mind.


Options where humidity isn’t an issue

For bathrooms where the blinds are not going to be situated close to the bath or shower and where they are not going to get wet or be subjected to moisture there is a much wider choice. You can still opt for some roller blinds or vertical blinds but instead of being tied to the PVC fabrics you can choose from a much wide selection. You can select from timeless plain fabrics to create a truly relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, or pick out the colours in your bathroom accessories with a colourful or funky patterned or printed design to create a contrast or a fabulous statement at the windows.

If it’s a softer look you are looking to achieve at the window, then some luxurious roman blinds are a great choice. Their beautiful soft folds and classic good looks means they bring an opulent and sumptuous look to any bathroom. With literally hundreds of fabrics designs and colours to choose from, there is a style to compliment any décor. Of course roman blinds really are not suitable for bathrooms where there is any moisture in the atmosphere, so they are only advisable in bathrooms that are well ventilated or quite large where the blind is going to be situated a good distance from the shower or bath.

As with roman blinds, wooden venetian blinds will only be suitable in low humidity environments. They do however offer the perfect way to add a touch of nature to both the windows and the décor. With a wide variety of wood colours and stains to choose from as well as some very contemporary gloss wooden blinds, there is something suitable for all tastes. They also offer a greater amount of sunlight and privacy control compared to other types of blinds.

Whatever type of blinds you choose, just keep in mind the amount of moisture in the room and also the proximity to the bath or shower when making you decision. After that just have fun choosing a colour and design to either compliment the rest of the décor or one that will act as a beautiful contrast. The addition of some luxury bathroom blinds will make all the difference to the look, feel and atmosphere of the room and allow you to lay back and relax in your bubble bath or invigorate yourself in your power shower.

Trend: Versatile Plantation shutters

As well as becoming increasingly popular due to how stylish they look, plantation shutters also offer a high level of versatility which makes them a great all-round window covering. More and more of Aspiration Blind’s customers are choosing plantation shutters for their homes. Let’s explore some of the key reasons why:

They suit any shape of window and can easily be incorporated in to the décor of all rooms in the house. Whether it’s the living room, your bedroom, a bathroom, or elsewhere, plantation shutters will add a new level of sophistication to your home. They can even be used for more challenging designs, such as bay windows.


They are very low maintenance. Cleaning them is really easy and, in most cases, you can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. Being so easy to live with, makes them an ideal choice for busy households and ensures that they remain looking stunning too.


They are also useful if you have anyone at home who suffers a dust allergy. Due to the ease at which they can be cleaned, they don’t hold dust in the same way some blinds and curtains do, offering further comfort and health benefits.


Plantation shutters can help minimise external noise. Sounds coming in to your property from outside can range from a slight annoyance through to completely intrusive. The extra protection offered by plantation shutters will help to reduce unwanted noise and keep your home calm and serene.

The extra heat insultation they offer. Energy bills are rapidly rising, and your windows are one of the main areas of your home from which heat escapes. By adding plantation shutters you are incorporating an elegant piece of design that can offer significant gains for your window insulation, therefore helping to lower your energy bills.

Plantation shutters can be fully opened, shut, or positioned somewhere in the middle. This flexibility can help in various ways. For starters, you can choose how the light enters the room. Whether you want it bright and airy, or shaded and darker, you’re in full control with plantation shutters.

Another key benefit is the extra privacy and security they can offer you. Perhaps you simply don’t want people to be able to see in to your house? Or maybe you’d like them to act as an additional deterrent to potential burglars? Adding plantation shutters can be a perfect way of enhancing your home’s protection.

So, there you have some of the reasons why plantation shutters are very versatile and increasing in popularity. If you’d like to consider plantation shutters to finish your windows, here at Aspiration Blinds we’re always happy to talk through your options.

Bay windows- what’s the right choice for you?


When picking the perfect blinds to go with your bay window it’s essential that you make the right choice to accommodate your style, but the question is which blinds are the best for your style? We have a range of fabulous blinds in stock to cater to your needs and style, as well as each type of blind is made to the highest standard of quality. 

Roller and Vertical Blinds 

The cheap and affordable way to decorate your bay window without losing it’s flair. Vertical blinds are standard and their simplicity is their beauty, with multiple designs, patterns, and colours, you will never run out of options with the classic vertical blinds, as well as a guaranteed  high quality make in every vertical slat. The simple vertical blinds accommodate the bay window in a way that makes the bay window more attractive; adding more detail and patterns to the window.

Another cheap and affordable option are the various roller blinds we have to offer. With a plethora of colours and choices, you can’t go wrong for choice with our roller blinds. Giving the bay window a neat and tidy look, roller blinds are ideal for sustaining a minimal design to your bay window whilst  keeping a very stylish and trendy look. With each roller blind eloquently made, it’s a no brainer to have a nice, simple yet dazzling blind covering your bay window. Furthermore, with the option of blackout versions, you can completely eliminate sunlight from entering your room on days where the light is unbearable.

Perfect fit and Venetian Blinds 


With perfect fit and venetian blinds, there are numerous options that will most definitely fit your taste, and with Pleated, Alumitex, Wood or Faux Wood options there are endless possibilities with perfect fit and venetian blinds. With venetian blinds there you have the option of metal or wood, with the wood ranging in different styles as well as the option for Faux wood (false wood), which is just as great as the other types of venetian blinds. Perfect fit blinds are venetian blinds in a PVC frame, ensuring that it fits your window exactly, with the option of different designs and colours, you can make sure that your perfect blinds are suitable for your bay window. 



Venetian blinds are a great accessory for your bay window. They provide great control and regulation of sunlight and heat, as well as adding a classy look to your bay window. Materials such as Alumitex provide great protection from the sun due to the reflective metal materials we have available. Moreover there are a range of subdued colours and brought colours to accommodate your bay window. Looking for a more classier and vintage look? Not a problem with our range of wooden venetian blinds we have on offer. With a range of sizes of 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm, there is the right size for everyone. Additionally, the option of Faux Wood blinds really boosts the amount of possibilities you can have. Faux Wood is a great material that is very high standard and much easier to clean than regular woods, whilst maintaining that classy look of real wood, making your bay window much more classier and stylish. 


Conversely, if you’re looking for a blind that perfectly fits your bay window with no excess and keeping all the amazing features of a venetian, then look no more! Perfect fit blinds are venetian blinds (wood or metal) but in a PVC frame that slots perfectly into your bay window. They look amazing on a bay window and they give a distinguished and dazzling look. Perfect for a nice minimalist look on your bay window, whilst keeping all the features of a regular venetian blind.

With mornings getting lighter and brighter, invest in the right blinds and shutters to safeguard your 8 hours of nightly rest. 

After a stop, start beginning of summer, it’s sometimes hard to remember a time when the temperature was above single digits and evenings and mornings were light and bright. However, if you long for longer lay-ins, you might find it a little more difficult in the coming months, especially if you don’t have window dressings that effectively block out light.

If you need to give your window treatments an upgrade, here’s what you need to know about choosing the best styles to keep too-early sunrises at bay. 



Shutters are a popular window dressing choice for the bedroom, but similarly to Venetian blinds, they are lots of tiny gaps inbetween the individual louvres that let light in. Whether or not this level of light bothers you is a personal choice, but there are ways to upgrade your shutters to make them completely blacked out.

Solid panel shutters are also successful at blocking out more, as they don’t have the individual louvres for light to creep in through. However, when it comes to a bedroom that needs privacy, solid panel shutters are all or nothing. You’ll have to open them when you want light and close them when you want privacy. 

Blinds at BLINDZ

Fabric blinds, whether roller or Roman, fitted with black out lining are among the most effective ways to block out light. Whether you’re having a blind professionally made and installed, or doing one yourself, something to consider is where you fit the blind. Depending on the style of the window frame, you could fit your blind onto the window itself, or on the outer of the window frame. 

Transform your bedroom with beautiful blinds

Literally a daily question we get asked by our customers is, ‘What are the best blinds for bedrooms?’. We hope that this blog posts answers your questions and gives you the information you need to make the best choice for your bedroom.

When it comes to dressing your home, practicality plays just as much of a role as style. After all, having the most beautiful room in the world won’t add up to much if it can’t be used for the desired purpose. There’s no denying that this is more important in certain rooms than others. For example, bedroom blinds play a vital role in the quality and health of our sleep. Therefore they impact the livelihood of everyone in your family. And, when it comes to finding the right blinds for your bedroom, it helps to understand all the options out there. You also need to know exactly what you’re looking to achieve. In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about the different types of bedroom blinds and which ones help contribute to the best night’s sleep.

How do blinds impact your sleep?

As we have mentioned before, light has a dramatic impact on your sleep quality. Throughout history, we have long relied on the rising and setting of the sun to dictate the length of our days. Our internal body clock historically synced with changing light throughout the day to tell us when it’s time to wake up and when we need to wind down for the night. In our modern world where screens dictate everything, this has been thrown and it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with getting the perfect night’s sleep.

There are simple changes we can all adopt to help improve this – the most notable being investing in the right type of window blind. When you find a style that effectively helps you to create a darker environment before bed, you are able to retrain your body to fall into a restorative state easier. This is particularly important for younger child and specifically for newborns or babies who are just learning the difference between night and day.

What window blind styles are best suited to bedrooms?

In short, the right blinds for your bedroom will be a style that blocks out as much light as possible. One of the most important things to remember is that most styles of blinds will still allow a small degree of light to escape around the sides of the fabric. This is largely unavoidable, apart from with skylight blinds, but we will come to this later. The best thing you can do in your bedroom is find a style of window blind that blocks out the most light while working stylistically within your home.

Let’s take a look at our top 4 suggestions for window blinds that really do work effectively in all bedrooms.

Roller Blinds

An image showing teal bedroom blinds in blackout material

We’ve all seen them, either in your own home or someone else’s. Roller blinds are the quintessential design we all think of when someone mentions shopping for window blinds. And, that’s not just because of their simplistic design. Roller blinds are a practical choice for all rooms in the home, can be manufactured in a range of different materials and are easily styled. Ordinarily, they are rolled down using pull cords or a spring loaded system and can be set into window recesses seamlessly. When it comes to bedrooms, this design will always be one of the most popular choices. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we use high-quality fabrics to achive a bespoke. As dusk draws in, rolling down these blinds will provide a suitable barrier against the last dredges of light and ensure your room is significantly darkened.

One of the brilliant things about blackout roller blinds is the fact that you’re not restricted on colour. Even if you’re looking for a white, cream or a darker colour, you’ll still be able to control light effectively. This is due to the blackout fabric panel built into the blinds, sitting in-between two coloured fabric sheets. So, you won’t be forced to design your room around dark and dingy blinds just to achieve acceptable darkness when it comes time to rest your head.

Vertical Blinds

An image showing plum coloured vertical bedroom blinds

Where roller blinds sometimes fall short, vertical blinds step in as a suitable and popular choice. Specifically prefered for larger windows or patio doors, these stylish blinds feature multiple slats cut to the perfect length for your needs. And their unique beauty comes in the sheer versatility of this classic design. By adjusting the slats according to the sun’s positioning, you can control just how much light floods into your room. Tilt them 90-degrees to let all the sunlight in or continue on to 180-degrees to shut the blinds flat against each other and sink the room into significant darkness.

Again, these blinds are similar to their roller blind counterparts in that they come in a range of different colours and patterns. The custom-designed fabric layering ensures that lighter colours can still achieve the same light control as darker alternatives. 

Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

An image showing wine red vertical bedroom blinds in a living room setting



If you’ve invested in the style of your bedroom, the last thing you want to do is have to redesign it all over again a few years down the line. Window blinds, although available at cost-effective prices, are still an investment and something that you’ll want to care for appropriately. Made to your exact measurements and constructed using the same blackout layering process, these slats are easy to fit. When your blinds start to look less than pristine, you can replace single areas rather than having to invest in complete new sets.

Not to leave anyone out, our replacement slats come in the same extensive range of colour as our full sets. Each one is manufactured using the same high-quality fabric and sourced from the same suppliers, ensuring the perfect match. And, by choosing to swap out a single slat, you minimise labour and potential damage to your otherwise beloved bedroom.

Buyer’s guide to window blinds

On the hunt for the best window blinds for your space? Use our expert guide to find the right way to dress your windows.

Whatever look you want to achieve with window treatments, a blind is sure to enhance your room scheme. Tactile Roman blinds will add texture and warmth to a relaxed living room scheme, smart roller blinds bring a splash of colour to a kitchen and Venetians can shade the sun’s glare in an extension. 

Most blind types are versatile enough to work in any room; used singly they are a neat, architectural solution to dressing a window, layered with curtains or a second blind they’ll bring an extra dimension to your decore. 



Roller blinds are chic, simple and they come in a vast array of colours and patterns with shading options ranging from sheer right through to blackout. 

Our roller blinds are cost effective as well as looking sleek and sophisticated. Go for a perfect fit or a made to measure blind. 

For flexibility, consider a double blind with a sheer fabric behind a blackout one or a ‘day and night’ shade with adjustable fabric slats. If your room faces a busy street, get the privacy you need with a bottom up blind, where the roller sits on the window ledge, or select a half and half blind, with translucent mesh above a solid fabric.

There are water-resistant PVC blinds for a bathroom and thermal blinds for a chilly bedroom… the options are endless. 


Great for south-facing or overlooked rooms, Venetian blinds allow you to control both the amount of light and the level of privacy simply by tilting the slats. 

Aluminium blinds come with super-slim slats for a minimalist look and have the advantage of shrugging off moisture so they’re a good choice for bathrooms and shower rooms. Or get the best of both worlds by selecting wood-effect blinds, such as Fauxwood from Blindz. Which are made from a pvc fake wood but have a wood grain finish. 


These have a softer appearance than roller blinds, allowing light to filter through, unless you pick a blackout version. 

Pleated blinds come in a wide choice of colours, patterns and textured finishes. Some versions sit neatly within the glass panes rather than covering the entire window frame; these are a good option for tilt and turn windows. 

For ultimate flexibility, select pleated blinds that can can be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom so you can choose your level of privacy.



Whether you’re after a relaxed, coastal look or a more formal effect, a Roman blind is up for the challenge. Cords at the back draw them up into large, soft pleats, bringing a sumptuous extra element of furnishing to a room. Add contrast borders to draw attention to the pleated edges. 

These blinds are often lined, which improves the way the pleats fall; if you want to keep draughts out and the warmth in, opt for interlining as well. 



However wide the window, a vertical blind can be made up to fit, and they can be designed to fit sloping windows, too. 

Consisting of individual slats that clip on to a track, and joined at the bottom by chains, vertical blinds pivot open or closed, or can be drawn right back. They can be stacked to the left or right, or part in the centre. 

Both smooth louvres and woven, textured finishes are available in myriad colours. Choose water-resistant vertical blinds for a wet room, or practical blackout versions for the bedroom. 

4 tips to choosing and caring for window blinds

The window is often the last element to be considered when decorating a room, but it can actually make a big difference to a room’s overall style.

Blinds have continued to be a popular alternative to curtains, providing a fashionable and versatile option, maximising living space and allowing homeowners to control the degree of sunlight, shade, heat reflection and privacy in a room. The key to buying the right blind is to identify your specific requirements.

I am Hugh from Blindz and here are my top tips for choosing and taking the best care of your window blinds. 

Here are my top 4 tips for getting the best blinds to suit your needs and transform your home with the perfect choice of blinds and after care tips from us, the experts at Blindz. 

  • Is the blind for a bedroom where you require a dark room? For bedrooms look at roller or roman blinds which are available in room darkening fabrics and linings, these have no holes or slats in the blind to let in the light.
    • Are you choosing for a humid room, such as a kitchen or bathroom? Avoid natural materials such as linen, silk and wood which can rot, twist or fade in humid conditions. Instead, opt for an aluminium Venetian blinds which don’t rust, faux wood blinds or fabric blinds made from manmade materials such as PVC and polyester.
      • Is your room overlooked or lets in a lot of bright light? Venetian and vertical blinds are excellent at directing away bright sunlight yet allowing light into the room.


      • Keep your blinds clean and free from dust by vacuuming them regularly with a brush attachment on low suction brushing across the slats for venetian and pleated blinds and down the fabric or slats for vertical and roller blinds.  You can also spot clean any stubborn stains by blotting with a mild detergent solution or alcohol free wipe but never spray cleaner directly onto the fabric.


      5 Offbeat Alexa-compatible gadgets you will actually enjoy having at home


      Alexa-compatible gadgets are there a many but over the years, things have only gone smarter. While speakers were primarily the most popular Alexa gadgets until now, these offbeat options will tell you how experimentative you can get with Alexa in your home.

      Not less than two years back, we weren’t even sure how acceptable voice-controlled devices would be in our lives. It seemed weird to talk to a device and ask it to do things for you. Call it the future of tech or just another step forward toward a next-gen form of living, smart home voice-control systems have changed the way we control the devices around us. Whether it’s Siri, Google, or Alexa, it seems like our lives are not going to be any smarter without them in the living room. And with the recent announcement of open-source smart home standards, this revolution seems to have just begun. But this blog isn’t about where the future lies with voice-control systems. It’s primarily about Alexa-compatible gadgets and how far they’ve gone to make your lives easier.

      We know there are tons of speakers that are Alexa-compatible, but did you know that Alexa isn’t just about speakers anymore? Well, these 11 gadgets below will clearly show you how far-out and weird smart home gadgets can get.

      Let’s start the list off with something relevent to us here at Blindz… 

      SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds

      Clearly the wave of the future, SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds help you save on energy costs. Plus, these smart blinds also help preserve the environment. Because they collect solar energy for your use, these solar blinds reduce the amount of conventional energy you use. Thus, they reduce carbon emissions into the environment. On top of that, you can control these energy-saving blinds with Alexa. What else could you ask for?

      Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

      Change the way you answer Mother Nature’s call with the Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet. Combining comfort and entertainment, this clever toilet boasts impressive ambiance thanks to built-in surround sound speakers as well as mood lighting. Yes, you read that correctly: now you can set the mood when it’s time to go. Like something from the future, the Numi 2.0 even works with your voice. With a single command to Alexa, you can start your favorite playlist and set the lights so they’re just right.

      U by Moen Smart Shower

      Controlling your shower just got a whole lot easier with the U by Moen Smart Shower, now featuring Amazon Alexa compatibility. These showers allow you to control them with your voice. You can easily start, stop, and pause your shower with a simple command. Just ask Alexa, and you’re ready to go. Additionally, the customizable shower technology and mobile app make it a must-have for your everyday life. Use the connected app to set the perfect temperature and save your settings for future use.

      Alexa-compatible gadgets U by Moen Smart Shower

      Vestaboard Mechanical Split-Flap Display

      Stylishly display information using Alexa with the Vestaboard Mechanical Split-Flap Display. The Vestaboard combines innovative internet technology with the classic design of a split-flap train board display. Using just your Alexa device, you can get updates, send it messages, show patterns and colors, and more. Likewise, you can use Vestaboard at home to display inspirational quotes and to-do lists or use it at work to keep customers and team members in sync.

      AmazonBasics Alexa Voice-Controlled Microwave

      Ask Alexa to start reheating your food with the AmazonBasics Alexa Voice-Controlled Microwave. This device makes it easier to make popcorn, defrost food, reheat leftovers, and more. Thanks to quick-cook voice presets and a simple keypad, you can simply ask Alexa to begin microwaving. The quick-cook presets mean you don’t have to guess heat levels or cook times. Likewise, you can simply press the Ask Alexa button and say your instructions.


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